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The most common rats found in the UK practically in Manchester are the Common Brown Rat and the Black Ship Rat.

Common Rat - Surveys have proven that the rat population in Manchester has increased by more than 52% in a four-year period, with a larger population than there are humans. It has been reported that at any one time no person in Britain is more than 9 metres away from a rat.

Often seen in places where there has recently been demolition or construction work, where rubbish is lying around, in drains, as well as in rural areas, rats are a growing nuisance. With the abundance of food available, in particular cities such as Manchester where fast food out lets are present.

Rats can be a serious risk to health due to the various diseases they carry, including Salmonella, as well as causing structural damage to properties.

Ship Rat - The Ship Rat is smaller than the Common Rat at around 16-23cm in length excluding the tail. Colour is more variable than the Common Rat and varies between black, brown and grey. The Ship Rat is not commonly found in Manchester and are generally found in ports and are generally found on ships. which is why is why it is call the Ship Rat, (Rattus Rattus Linnaeus).

Common signs of a Manchester Rat infestation -

Signs that Rats are present - Given their relatively large size compared to a mouse, it’s fairly likely that a rat will be seen if they are present in a garden, house or commercial properties. However, signs rat infestation are:

  • Droppings – 10mm spindle shaped, usually round corners
  • Unusual smells – a longstanding problem can create a stale smell
  • Holes – which appear, approximately. 7-12cm in size.
  • Rat runs – a continuous depression in grass or other low vegetation, a smooth pathway may be visible on bare earth. Though if they rats are coming from the foundations of the house, only holes will be present.
  • Gnawing – often to wooden items.

Risks posed by rats:

Rats can be a serious risk to health. They will destroy and contaminate food stores, and carry many forms of disease including salmonella and Weils Disease through their droppings and urine. These conditions can be fatal to humans, although this is very rare.

Rats can carry disease -

Rats carry a number of other diseases which can be fatal to the humans and pets. Rats have been blamed for the bubonic plague in 1665 and other major out breaks of disease around the world.


As if that’s not enough, they can cause fires by chewing through electrical cables. If you suspect you have a rat infestation you really should take action quickly.


Rat Damage

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Other Names: Brown rat, ship rat, wharf rat, sewer rat, grey rat, barn rat, burrowing rat, water rat, common rat, house rat, migratory rat, wander-rat


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